Introducing The Cantilever Fellowship Program

Nov 11, 2020
Rebecca Testrake

We at Cantilever are excited to announce the newly established Cantilever Fellowship Program — designed to bring thought leaders from different disciplines into our company to provide even higher levels of expertise and service to our clients. That’s right: we’re cranking it to eleven.

Much to our delight, Annie Levy has agreed to join us as our inaugural Fellow – specifically our Communications Fellow.

For the last fifteen years, Annie has been working with signature organizations helping them understand the heart of who they are and then design and create ways to communicate that to new and existing audiences. Annie has said about her work:

“There is no greater joy than the opportunity to see what is great about a person, organization or idea — and then bring that greatness to life for others.”

The Cantilever Communications Fellowship is an opportunity for Annie to expand both scope and the impact of her work in both nonprofit and for-profit fields. We look forward to working together and bringing stories to life on our digital platform.

As a company that is known for creating websites with great care and strong brand identities, we are excited to welcome someone to our team who loves to see what is great about our clients and help us tell that story.

Wanna know more about Annie? Visit

Header Image by Rebecca Testrake
Edited by Nikki Munson
Head of Support at Cantilever

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