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The Remote Worker Locationless 5K

Fellow remote workers – let's unite… independently!

Graphic of diverse runners

Cool. What did we do?

We had a little opening ceremony and then all started the 5K at 12:15pm (eastern). Some left their zoom cameras on while they ran, and others jumped off, ran, and hopped back on when it was complete. All of this fun was captured with our hashtag #remote5k2019 on all social channels. Check it out:

Collage of highlights from the 5k

Our ring of winners:

5K Top Finishers - Men:

  1. Scott Dawson
  2. Bryan Stutzman
  3. (tie) Ty Fujimura
  4. (tie) Andrei Scarlatescu

5K Top Finishers - Women:

  1. Laura Sale (shared via Insta)
  2. Megan Eddinger (live on Zoom)
  3. Kaylen Steele

Awards Recipients:

Best 5K Swim (!!) - Raul Rovira
Most Dedicated Training - Jillian Alexander
Most Vocal during the Race - Andrew Heins
Most Family Friendly Race - Eric Miller
Coldest Run (tie) - Kristian Erik Munk
Coldest Run (tie) - Teresa Douglas
Best Multi-Generational Team - Tammy Bjelland & Martha Bjelland
Cutest Companion (tie) - Meaghan Williams
Cutest Companion (tie) - Tara Sowa
Most Creative Route Planning - Mike Gallers

Who was responsible for all this?!

The event was organized by Workplacesless and Cantilever, along with numerous sponsors

Cantilever + Workplaceless Logos