We took over product design leadership to further help a client succeed.

About The Client

Element 451 is the leading CRM for higher education institutions.


A need to evolve a product quickly in response to new information and market needs.


Our in-depth discovery process, depth of knowledge about our client’s business, and expertise in product development enabled us to see how to integrate AI and predictive intelligence into every phase of the product’s technology. We became and still function as the in-house product design team for the whole company. We work directly with their CEO and Technical Director to craft every new feature and continually optimize the design of their application.


Element’s client retention and customer satisfaction tell the story. Admissions personnel are using the tool daily to schedule events, run ad campaigns, and do all the business of how prospective students interact with their office. We allowed teams to put students at the heart of their campaigns with personalized, intuitive experiences that were data-driven and AI-fueled. They were able to be fully back in control of their time while simultaneously allowing the quality of student interactions to flourish in ways that are meeting the current moment of the student as consumer.

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