We gladly went to work to fully understand the importance of Process Development in the manufacture of lifesaving medicines. This allowed us to create a content strategy and website to speak to 3 different audiences in 2 different markets in ways that directly addressed each of their needs.

About The Client

A global leader in process development, partnering with companies large and small to bring medicines to market at unprecedented speed.


APC needed a website to clearly communicate the company’s range of Process Development expertise, allowing them to bring medicines to market efficiently and to do so at scale.  Central to the message was their position as a company with a depth of experience and knowledge that could bring medicines to patients faster because of their ability to avoid unnecessary delays and/or fits and starts.

This story needed to be told to 3 different personas in their target markets. We needed to convey the unique value propositions to scientists and two different types of pharmaceutical executives in both small and large pharmaceutical companies.


As in all cases, the key to an effective website is a compelling content strategy that reaches and engages the target audiences. In this case, we were happily called on to work with APC on both content strategy and the build. Understanding the exact nature of the problems they were solving for their target markets allowed us to map out and develop content to engage the multiple decision-makers, each for different reasons. 

Everything on the site consistently communicated that APC is not a standard outsourcing partner but a company that could put wings on innovations of smaller pharmaceuticals and give larger companies the ability to access specialized process development for a multitude of medications. The content and website amplified the core message that “together we can get medicines to people without unnecessary delays.”


The results of the new site were high traffic, low bounce rates, and because of the structure of linking specific content/topics to landing pages most relevant to each persona we targeted, there was significant time spent on the site. We provided APC staff with an informed way to speak about their work, by training them to expand the content strategy and message consistency across multiple digital channels, from Linkedin to Twitter to email to webinar topic selection. The results were immediate and powerful. So much so that APC asked us to continue to advise and expand their messaging. This ultimately led to APC inviting Cantilever to be their partner in bringing a sister company to life.

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