We created an engaging, vibrant site to showcase a groundbreaking product in the field of college admissions. Our design work created the basis for a full brand refresh.

About The Client

Element451 is the leading CRM for higher education institutions.


Element451 is a revolutionary tool, but it is has so many features that it is hard for prospective customers to absorb. We work with Element451 on the design of their amazing product, so we were perfectly positioned to tell their story in their public-facing website.


Our design collected the product’s features into key categories defined by the customer’s workflow, not the internal application structure. This put the customer at the center of the buying journey.

Within the site design, we developed dozens of unique branded graphics, textures, and colors that became the base of a full brand refresh.


  • Created entry point for easy understanding of a complex product
  • Created the core of a new visual identity as a part of the website design project
  • Evolved our existing engagement for product design into the marketing space, saving the client thousands of dollars of upfront discovery costs
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Responsive version of Element451 hero section landing page
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