We regularly design and create a web-based interactive version of the organization’s annual report that brings the data to life in a unique way and paints a vivid picture of the IMF’s work.

About The Client

An international member organization that promotes global economic growth and financial stability, encourages international trade, and reduces poverty.


The client wanted to translate the contents of their annual report to the web in ways that would connect with readers in useful and impactful ways, becoming more than another finance report. We needed to stay true to the brand and the report’s message while creating components that would add value to a digital version vs. being a copy of the report on the web.


We worked with Feisty Brown, the Editorial and Design Studio responsible for the look and feel of the material, achieving the client’s goals through the power of this collaboration. We were able to maintain the integrity of the report and its contents while bringing the data to life through our data visualization concepts for the web, providing a way to make the information easy to consume and useful, including maps that physically located much of the data.


A site that is an enhanced companion of the print version with interactive features around data, including further reading modules that pop up based on what the visitor is reading to lead them to additional information on the subject of interest. We included video to add visual interest as well as clickable in-depth stories on the organization’s key staff to further bring the report and the work of the agency to life.

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