PRIZM, a product of Environics Analytics, a Bell Company

We created a microsite to allow visitors to experience the power of a data segmentation product.

About The Client

A product that allows users to better analyze and understand customers and markets anywhere in Canada through the country’s leading segmentation system.


Prizm approached us because they wanted a separate microsite to be able to demonstrate for visitors in real-time the power of their product to analyze and understand customers and markets anywhere in Canada. They had a static site that, although informative, was not able to provide visitors with the power and excitement of the product experience.


We created an interactive site that allowed users, with one visit, to experience the amazing and detailed results the product could provide. The site became a hub for Prizm’s marketing efforts as it allowed users to access 10 different data point look-ups, whetting their appetite to purchase and have the power of the actual product at their fingertips.


Environics Analytics can determine the predominant demographic represented in that postal code, from a list of approximately 35 demographics and see their brand loyalties, purchasing habits, values, beliefs, etc.

We were able to show vs. tell visitors what the product could do for their own marketing efforts and supply them with sample reports prior to purchase.  The reports demonstrated the drill-down power to reach customers by an integrated view of their demographic/psychographic and geographic data.


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