Rustic Pathways

We created a website experience that communicates the excitement of the travel program itself.

About The Client

Leader in global transformative teen travel experiences.


​​Rustic Pathways asked us to create a unique website experience for their users that brought to life the excitement and tactile experience of their international travel and exploration programs in a digital environment. In addition, they wanted to unify the UX for three different target audiences and product groups while being able to cross-sell and make sure that each visitor was presented with the products that were exactly right for them.


We designed a site that utilized all of Rustic’s incredible visuals to literally bring the visitor right there. We inspired visitors with the excitement of the travel experience while being sure they got from A to B without getting lost in areas of the site that weren’t relevant to them.


A beautiful, engaging site with sophisticated functionality that allows the client to also have the editing experience of a WordPress CMS. The site utilizes frontend code that is written in a systematized, reusable manner to promote speed and the ability to integrate new features. To make the user experience even further stand out, we used a technique called “PJAX” which makes the site slicker and faster.

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