Spark+Echo Arts

We created a website that serves as both a gallery and a point of connection between artists, the public and potential patrons.

About The Client

An organization that brings together thousands of patrons and artists from around the world to illuminate every verse of the Bible through the arts.


Spark+Echo needed a website that would communicate its unique mission, beautifully display the work that illuminates each verse of the Bible, and provide an opportunity for community engagement and growth.


We created a beautiful frame for the work where projects could be viewed individually or embedded within the context of scripture. We also integrated the idea of sparks which are votes that their audience could use to express support for a particular artwork in-progress or a bible passage they would like to see illuminated. An integration of Patreon allowed active, pledging supporters (or Patrons) to take part in ​the project thereby expanding and growing the community. Users could­ also leave comments along with their sparks, creating a lively, collaborative feeling within the site.


A beautiful website that is also a place of active engagement for the community. Users are encouraged to take the conversation to social media. Each piece of artwork is associated with a unique hashtag and Facebook feed. Users can tweet and comment from the page with one click, and their submissions will appear on the page. If users respond on those platforms, the feed updates accordingly.

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