Client Theo & Sebastian
Team Andrew Heins, Payton Biddington, Ty Fujimura
Roles Design, Development

InsideHR is the internal HR newsletter at AMEX, a key way for their 800+ HR employees to stay connected. They wanted to transform this well-followed newsletter into an online publishing platform, complete with enhanced social features.

Our friends at Theo and Sebastian were the direct clients. They contracted us to design the site under their direction and to develop it.

The main design challenge was to create a tone that was on-brand and clean, while creating a sense of fun and improvisation that elevated this site past stock corporate communication. We solved this problem by creating a hodgepodge of coordinating (but deliberately disparate) modules which tiled together on the page to create a collage-like effect. Each module style is clean in and of itself, but they clash just enough to differentiate this platform.

Users can like, share, and comment on the articles, and even add their own “community posts”. Curated content is merged with key calendar dates, job openings, and news feeds to create a unique mosaic on every visit. The system is private to HR employees, creating a “safe space” for discussion to begin.

The development had an added wrinkle: We needed first-class IE7 support. We tried to design as close to the IE7 version as possible – trying to create the nicest website 2006 had ever seen. This meant a cleaner, tighter codebase with less special considerations just for older browsers.