Animal New York

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Client Animal New York
Team Nevan Scott, Spike Grobstein, Ty Fujimura
Roles Design, Development, Interactive Design
Technologies backbone.js, Wordpress

Animal is, in their words, “A new breed of media – one that believes in action, brutal clarity and innovative design.” They are a total one-off, a hyper cool digest of New York art, politics, and counterculture.

Animal originally hired us to a code rebuild while performing some major design changes to the previous version. Chief among them was integrating scrolling ads on the homepage, where we devised an engaging way for the ads to bump one another off the page as the user scrolls. Our new codebase significantly increased site speed and reliability and helped spur on a period of outstanding traffic growth.

Since that initial project, we have worked with Animal on a variety of site upgrades and changes. One major addition was a new gallery system to replace their pre-existing lightbox galleries. We wanted to open the galleries within the main banner area of the page, but felt restricted by the space. Our solution was to allow the banner area to expand out a certain distance depending on the height of the browser, so that we would always be showing images at the optimal size for the user’s particular screen.

Another successful project was our work on a custom-designed feature about deaths in the New York City subway. Animal showed us a static design and asked us for animation ideas that could spice things up. The design treated the subject cheekily, with big block icons and a track that snaked between the stories. We came up with the idea of a moving train that would travel along the rails, finally crashing into the comments box at the end of the article. The concept got a great reception in comments and on social media and helped the article go viral, amassing thousands of hits and becoming one of Animal’s end-of-year highlights for 2012.

Through a strong relationship and a long-term mindset, we have helped Animal serve their audience well.