Designer Pages Keynotes

Client Designer Pages
Team Ty Fujimura
Roles Concept, Design

Designer Pages is a furniture search engine where designers and architects can research, gather and share products. When they were meeting with potential investors and partners, they wanted to have powerful presentations which accurately and succinctly showed important points about the past, present, and future of the company.


We designed both an overall system for the presentations and individual slides within them. For many slides, we needed to build custom graphics, such as the radar shown above.


The primary challenge was figuring out ideas which spoke strongly while avoiding kitsch or a tacky clip art mentality. Our graphics adopted a mechanical look to try and avoid such implications.

For many slides, we also needed to design a lot of dense information and data to be quickly readable. We had to communicate not only numbers, but their implications. We tried to take advantage of the fact that the presentations were delivered in person while acknowledging that they would be printed out and distributed without the benefit of instant clarification.