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Dos Equis “Interesites”
Partnering with Droga5 to keep Dos Equis on the Forefront of Advertising

We created a system that could generate realistic-looking news article web pages, on demand. We created a series of tongue-in-cheek posts that promoted tall tales from Dos Equis’ latest campaign.

Dos Equis is always a leader in distinctive advertising, and their latest campaign with Droga5 was no exception. The concept: Keeping it “Interesante”, with a series of tall-tale TV spots making outlandish claims like the idea that Abraham Lincoln’s hat was so tall so he could sneak around a Dos Equis.

Droga5 wanted to release matching web content through articles that looked real at first, but quickly let people in on the joke. The sites claimed that Dos Equis was running a promotion where drinkers could win a free trip to the moon; that it was developing a scratch-and-sniff beer commercial; and that this latest campaign took more than 50 years to devise.

New Times Gazette faux publication
The News Times Gazette was one of three faux publications we built using shared code scaffolding.

They wanted the articles to be real HTML within templates that felt just like real news sites, but which needed to be built fast. They provided clean, realistic visual design for three news sites and prototype code for one site, and asked us to build a framework so that fifteen articles could be rendered within these site templates and distributed to unique URLs with various faux domain names like “”

Cantilever devised the perfect system using a rapid website development framework called Jekyll and our unique modular coding approach. We started by building a global toolkit that all three sites could share – things like the underlying grid, common user interface elements, typographic styles, etc. We then built a splash of unique code for each of the three sites. Finally, we constructed an automated workflow for generating article pages so that content could be kept in clean, easily editable data files. Our system then merged those files with our templates, ready for deployment and distribution on social media:

The result was a suite of very convincing responsive news site templates, built on a rapid timeline and modest budget. We had a great time adapting our practices to this novel project and helping Droga5 bring their creative idea to life.

Client: Dos Equis
Agency: Droga5
  • Ty Fujimura
  • Andrew Heins
Year launched: 2018
  • Development
Technologies: Jekyll

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