EPO Creative Website

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Client EPO Creative
Team Nevan Scott, Ty Fujimura
Roles Development, Interactive Design
Technologies backbone.js, Django

Ed O’Dell is a great designer and communicator, working in both print and digital. When he decided to launch his new venture, EPO Creative, he reached out to us to bring his new website and portfolio to life.

We worked with Ed from the beginning, giving feedback on his original design with an eye toward efficiency, and providing our insight into what interactive pieces might make sense.

Early on, we realized we needed to quickly demonstrate EPO Creative’s credibility in the digital space, which we determined to do by adding in subtle and intuitive animated transitions between the pages of the site.

In order to support these animations without losing distinct URLs for each page, we knew we needed to employ the HTML5 history API. However, many of Ed’s clients work in corporate setting where legacy versions of Internet Explorer, which don’t support the newer feature, are still in active use.

With those challenges in mind, we architected a system using Django on the backend and Javascript on the front-end which could handle the site in two modes: one with full page refreshes for browsers lacking history support, and one with animated transitions in browsers where we could manually update the URL. The result: broad accessibility with enhanced interaction for modern browsers.

Since this collaboration was so fruitful, we have since worked with Ed again on a new website for GA Fleet.