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Esquire Classic
A rich and inviting home for the best of Esquire’s massive archive

We created a rich, premium website to make Esquire’s full-page archive feel active and lively. We integrated payment and page-viewer technology within a cohesive user experience.

Alongside their 1000th issue, Esquire was developing a full page archive, and they understood that the volume and breadth of their content was daunting.

The Esquire team, led by features editor Tyler Cabot, were working with Bondi Digital to create an innovative, gorgeous archive of every Esquire article ever. But they also envisioned creating a blog-like recommendation site to wrap the archive itself, surfacing timely, curated highlights according to the season and current events. For example, in September, the team could feature stories about the Harvard-Yale game alongside a profile of Tom Brady. At Oscar season, they could surface actor-related content, from a Bing Crosby story to an interview with Chadwick Boseman.

The Esquire Classic homepage

They brought Cantilever in to create and brand this site. They brought us in early, and we worked with the team to finalize the “Esquire Classic” moniker and define the pricing model and business strategy. We then developed a logo and identity for the project, working under the direction of the Esquire creative staff.

Branding for the Esquire Classic project
Our branding for the Esquire Classic project
The site has received nothing but positive feedback from our readers… Often, when you deal with people in IT, they know what they’re talking about, but they have a difficult time translating it for you. I had the opposite experience with Ty and Cantilever. There’s no question that’s too stupid for them to answer in a clear, concise way for someone who isn’t tech savvy.

Alex Belth, Editor, Esquire Classic


Verified Review

We then designed the site, using the new brand tone as a guide. Since Classic provides access to new issues (before they’re even in the mail), it was important to keep the brand fresh and modern while respecting the wealth of historical content available through the service.

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Article page for Lessons From a Lie by Chris Jones featuring the full-page player by Bondi Digital alongside commentary and recommendations for what to read next.
The article pages featured the full-page player by Bondi Digital alongside commentary and recommendations for what to read next.

Payment (Classic costs just $4.99 a month) was handled by Piano, and we worked with their development teams to implement their software optimally.

Client: Esquire Classic
  • Chris Pau
  • Andrew Heins
  • Ty Fujimura
  • JT Fridsma
  • Ady Ngom
Year launched: 2015
  • UX
  • Design
  • Development
  • Branding
  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp API

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