Flatiron School

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Team Andrew Heins, Chris Pau, Flatiron Staff, JT Fridsma, Ty Fujimura
Roles Design, Development

The Flatiron School, located in downtown Manhattan, is one of the original programming schools. With the recent launch of their incredible online campus, Learn.co, they became the leader in programming education, online or off. Though their market is nascent, Flatiron represents the gold standard.

Flatiron tells people that they can do more than they ever thought possible: that anyone with dedication and passion for the craft can learn to code. Simultaneously, they provide the rigorous training that is required to become not only a developer, but a good developer. It is this combination of freshness and pedigree, openness and exclusivity that we tried to capture capture in telling the Flatiron story online.

We started the project with a two-week discovery period, interviewing staff throughout the organization and students studying in both campuses. We took insights from these interviews, along with market analysis and existing brand analysis, and constructed a site plan that outlined our intended structure and feature set.

We then created a comprehensive wireframe book with all site features mapped out, then fleshed out that structure with visual comps that established an updated company aesthetic. Finally, we constructed the site with an efficient Object-Oriented CSS and JS approach.

Throughout the process, we were able to borrow members of the talented Flatiron staff to collaborate with us on design and development. Since the website acts as a jumping-off point to the online campus Learn.co, we also collaborated tightly with Flatiron’s engineering team to ensure a seamless pathway. This collaborative approach led to stronger outcomes more aligned with the company’s philosophy and methodology.