Handi-Lift Website

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Client Handi-Lift
Team Andrew Heins, Nevan Scott, Payton Biddington, Priscilla Fujimura, Scott Robertson, Ty Fujimura
Roles Concept, Design, Development
Technologies ExpressionEngine

Handi-Lift is a world leader in the sale and installation of accessibility equipment – the wheelchair lifts, elevators, and stair chairs that help people with mobility impairments move freely. If you’ve spent time in New York City, you have seen their work. We designed and developed a new version of their site in 2009, and have iterated on it continually ever since.

They specialize in high-end, custom lifts which are tailored to match their environments. This makes them particularly attractive to architects, who can be frustrated by the utilitarian look of traditional accessibility equipment but still want to be considerate to visitors who can’t use the stairs.


Therefore the visual goals of their site are twofold – establish and communicate their industry leadership, and appeal to the architects who will encounter their brand online. We used bold, powerful typography, a simple palate, and clean minimal lines to set them apart from their competitors. They are the only company in their industry with a website that looks like this one.

To appeal to architects, the site offers custom-formatted CAD blocks and technical details for each of the products they carry, making them easy to specify. Clear callouts make sure visiting architects understand that Handi-Lift offers free design assistance to make sure that the lift they get enhances their design instead of clashing with it.


In addition to product, project, and company information, the site features an active blog covering industry news and notes on accessibility in general. We coordinate, write and edit these postings, working closely with Handi-Lift staff. Each quarter we collate the most interesting recent posts into a newsletter which goes out their email list, generally resulting in a 250-300% traffic boost.

Finally, we have photographed many of their products and projects. This photography presents their work as the top-notch craftsmanship it is. Through design, technology and content, we have established Handi-Lift as clear market leaders and made it easier and more appealing to specify a Handi-Lift product.