IEH Website

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Client IEH Corp.
Team Nevan Scott, Steve Halker, Ty Fujimura
Roles Concept, Design, Development
Technologies Jekyll, Laravel

IEH is a manufacturing company in Brooklyn. They make Hyperboloid Connectors, these amazingly intricate wire devices which go into fighter jets, lunar rovers and medical equipment.

For this project we did the whole enchilada, soup to nuts. That meant starting by meeting several times with IEH’s President, Dave Offerman, to discuss their existing website and how it succeeded or failed. Dave also explained to us the structure of their product catalogs, and how they hoped it might be visible online.

We set out to create an interactive wireframe in HTML where IEH could click through and understand what we were going to build. After that was complete, we created several visual comps in Photoshop, then built the final site.

IEH Product

We chose to use an industrial, clean look with some custom illustrations created by our friend Steve Halker. The site emphasizes content above all else, with minimal lines or boxes in the way. We tried to make it easier to understand what IEH does and how to contact them.

IEH Products Page (Filtered)

We also created a specialized UI for looking at IEH’s product catalog. Users can easily filter by the criteria they desire to find a IEH connector that’s right for their application.

The buildout involved both a front-end and backend component. The front-end was modular and flexible, enabling us to create a variety of pages with minimal markup. The backend was a combination of Jekyll templates for the static pages and custom PHP for the product pages, where filtering is in effect. Because we used Jekyll instead of a PHP backend for most pages, it’s one of the fastest sites we’ve ever built. The final site is clean and usable, a clear differentiator for IEH.