In The Raw Website

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Client Ammirati, Mother New York
Team Nevan Scott, Scott Robertson, Spike Grobstein, Ty Fujimura
Roles Development, Interactive Design
Technologies Asynchonous Filtering, ExpressionEngine, FB Login, Raphaël, Vendor API Integrations

In The Raw makes more than just sugar, and they wanted to get the word out with a unified web presence for all of their products.

The adorable site was designed by Mother New York. We gathered and analyzed the static comps and designed appropriate interactions and animations, especially in areas like the recipe page. We collaborated with the excellent design team at Mother to ensure that the interactions were on-brand and fit their vision.

For the frontend, we were challenged to create a flexible CSS & HTML framework that would accommodate all the intricacies of the design. We had to refine and adjust our object-oriented method to allow for the immense variety of styles that were necessary.

The site uses some rather complex Javascript in a few places, notably the recipes section: An AJAX-based UI for filtering recipes with three animated oven dials. For smoother transitions, we used SVG to render the dials instead of images.

The site is built on ExpressionEngine, which allows content managers to quickly and easily modify just about every page on the site. We built some custom ExpressionEngine plugins to support fancy features like automatic email reports and user recipe submission.

A key challenge was integrating with diverse APIs for store, coupon and retailer data. We created strategies to handle each feature and used custom ExpressionEngine plugins to gather and standardize the data for use in our templates.

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We’re very proud of the end result. It’s a dependable site built to last, with engaging features and interactions that communicate the values of the brand.