NYU Enterprise Learning

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Client New York University, NYU-Poly
Team Nevan Scott, Nick Hughes, Ty Fujimura
Technologies Wordpress

NYU Enterprise Learning classes are designed to allow working professionals to expand their skillsets while remaining at their jobs. The program is offered jointly by NYU-Poly and NYU SCPS, and we worked closely with the Poly side to design and develop an innovative new site for it.

We used a content-first approach, asking questions and outlining what the site would contain before sketching. After we felt like we had a good handle on what we needed to show and emphasize, we created an interactive prototype to review with the client. This featured early versions of the grid and filtering systems which eventually made their way to the final site. The opportunity to iterate quickly on our early concepts led to a more mature and thought-through final site – we hadn’t just looked at pictures of the UI, we had actually used it.

The classes are largely in technical fields like Biotechnology and Manufacturing, so we used gridded backgrounds, glowing indicators, and a reverse color scheme to match. In order to both accomodate small screens and take advantage of bigger ones, we implemented a responsive grid. The final site is clever, clear, and straightforward.