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NYU-Poly Year in NYC
Drawing students to NYU with a bespoke mapping application as unique as the city itself

When a client asks us to innovate, we listen. We created an engaging, social-integrated map experience that excited prospective students about their life at NYU-Poly.

NYU-Poly approached us with a fun challenge: Take two well-designed print brochures and convert them into a website. The brochures gave prospective students and faculty a picture of their life in New York while being a part of the school.

We considered some more conventional ideas, but one of NYU-Poly’s core values is innovation, and so we thought bigger. We devised a unique full-page map concept in which we would integrate all the points of interest from their content as clickable destinations. By clicking through the map, the user would “fly through” New York, giving them a vivid sense of the breadth of amazing experiences available to them during their time at NYU-Poly.

Because the concept was so immersive, we opted for a minimal palette of greys and blues punctuated by splashes of color representing different categories of attraction.

The NYU Poly Website showing details about a point of interest
Each point of interest had its own page with dynamic social media feed integration

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Unique technology for a unique site

To create such a novel experience, we couldn’t rely on traditional techniques. The site had to be built as a Javascript “single-page application,” a method that provides excellent interactivity. The problem with an “SPA” is that it usually can’t be connected with a full-featured content management system, so content changes have to be done manually. Our client wanted to be able to update the content at will. So we developed a new way of using a popular content management system, ExpressionEngine, such that it could be connected with an SPA.

We embraced the client’s value of innovation from concept through execution. The final result communicated the qualities that make the school a great place to learn and tech, both in word and in action.

Client: NYU Poly
  • Nevan Scott
  • Payton Biddington
  • Ty Fujimura
Year launched: 2011
  • UX
  • Design
  • Development
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Twitter API
  • Yelp API
  • Facebook API
  • Backbone.js

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