Red Rooster Website

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Client Marcus Samuelsson Group
Team Cori Johnson, Nick Hughes, Ty Fujimura
Technologies Wordpress

Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster is a vibrant restaurant in the middle of Harlem. Named for a famous prohibition-era speakeasy, it features a menu of comfort food with a twist. It’s a magnet for celebrities and politicians, but also a local hub and date spot that is on its way to becoming an institution.

Red Rooster initially contacted us to develop a series of check presenters, which we did postcard-style collaborating with the excellent Lisa Cohn. For that project she had found public-domain photography of Harlem in the early 20th century, which featured fantastic grain and texture. This aesthetic played perfectly with the stellar identity work they had already completed. So when the restaurant asked us to design their new website ahead of their official opening, we had some great building blocks.


We combined this historical aesthetic, including an illustrated map by Steve Halker, with a straightforward layout and site structure that did what few restaurant sites do: tell you where the restaurant is and what you can get there, with as few clicks as possible.


The site is built on WordPress to allow for easy content updates by restaurant staff.

The site garnered accolades on social media and helped propel Red Rooster to the prominent status it enjoys today.

Note: This site has been modified by others since our initial build.