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Spark + Echo
Combining original art with a beautiful digital bible – all integrated with Patreon

We created a platform unifying original art, the bible, and social media to rally Spark+Echo’s community around their mission.

Spark+Echo has a unique and challenging mission: Illuminate every verse of the bible with an original work of art. The organization partners with interested artists, coaching them through idea generation, initial studies, and the creation of their final work – anything from painting to sculpture to modern dance and poetry.

We got to know the leadership of Spark+Echo during our discovery process for the Genesis App by American Bible Society, which was designed to be the most beautiful digital bible ever, illuminated with raw artistic responses to the scripture. When ABS decided not to pursue the Genesis App past the idea stage, the team behind it started to discuss using our unique app concept as the basis for a project for Spark+Echo.

The Spark + Echo website

Spark+Echo’s old WordPress site was beginning to hold them back. The look and feel was not commensurate with the exceptional artwork on display, and they wanted a better way to present the project on a macro and micro level. They were transitioning to using Patreon as a major part of their fundraising, and they wanted to incentivize fans to become supporters.

Through a straightforward and thoughtful approach to collaborative work, Cantilever managed to create a website that crystallized the brand’s philosophy. An understanding and patient environment was a hallmark of their work, and ensured their continued engagement in the future.

Jonathon Roberts, Spark+Echo Arts founder


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First and foremost, we set out to create a format for the project that helps give it context and life. The site is organized around a primary bible-reading experience where the Spark+Echo artwork is shown inline with the scripture that inspired it.

The Spark + Echo website

Drawing from the Genesis app concept, we integrated the idea of “sparks” – up-votes that their audience can use to express support for an in-progress artwork or a bible passage they would like to see art made for. Passages with lots of sparks are the ones the community is most interested in illuminating next.

Detail view of the piece along with commentary by both the artist and Spark+Echo.
Users can click through to see the piece in full detail, along with commentary by both the artist and Spark+Echo.

We decided to make Sparking something that only Patreon “Patrons” can do. Active, pledging supporters can log in to the site with their Patreon username and password and receive five new sparks every month. Patrons can log in seamlessly through our integration with Patreon’s backend.

Account page showing available sparks and user settings.

Users are recognized publicly for being the most active “sparkers” on the site; for being the most active in a given book of the bible, and for being the most vocal supporters of a given artwork. Users can leave comments along with their sparks, creating a lively, collaborative feeling within the site.

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In addition, users are encouraged to take the conversation to social media. Each piece of artwork is associated with a unique hashtag and Facebook feed. Users can tweet and comment from the page with one click, and their submission will appear on the page. If users respond on those platforms, the feed updates accordingly.

Webpage showing unilluminated verse and asking for Patrons to add sparks to support it.

Spark+Echo helps bring about a more creative and harmonious world. We were thrilled to be a part of their mission and create a site that not only showcases their work effectively, but creates a unique opportunity for growth.

“Everybody has been really excited about the new website. It has made not only the artwork, but also the project as a whole shine. People are better able to understand what we do and why we are doing it, all thanks to Cantilever’s work.”

Jonathon Roberts, Spark+Echo Arts founder


Verified Review
Client: Spark+Echo
  • JT Fridsma
  • Andrew Heins
  • Ty Fujimura
  • Chris Pau
  • TJ Draper
Year launched: 2017
  • UX
  • Development
  • Design
  • Consulting
  • Craft
  • API
  • Patreon API
  • Twitter API
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