We empowered Calibrate’s internal team to accelerate their processes and allowed for continual updates to their marketing site with new features and functionality.

About The Client

Changing the way the world treats weight loss by bringing decades of proven metabolic science to everyone, everywhere.


A need to address the needs within their current website for an increase in page speed scores, address multiple SEO and usability problems, design and develop key new pages, and overhaul their third-party tagging to make it more accurate and efficient.


We bring a wealth of technical expertise and experience to these types of problems. As such, we were able to easily understand the issues and bring our efficient processes and knowledge to the internal teams’ existing tools and workflow. At the same time, we were able to smoothly collaborate with their internal development and marketing teams, becoming something of an extension of their company.


We dramatically overhauled the code quality of the website, improved the user experience, empowered their staff to create new content with additional page layout options, and addressed each of the other usability issues described above. Their internal team now has an accelerated process that allows them to ship more features faster.

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