Bipartisan Policy Center

We created an online presence for BPC with a unique experience of engagement for visitors.

About The Client

A Washington, DC-based think tank that actively fosters bipartisanship by combining the best ideas from both parties to promote health, security, and opportunity for all Americans.


BPC is a content and information-rich organization. When they came to us, none of what they had to offer was presented in a way that was accessible to users. We needed to rethink the entire organizational data structure as well as the design and user experience.


We created a bold, inviting, intuitive site that makes the BPC’s wealth of research and data both accessible and engaging. They have the ongoing ability to integrate data and data visualization into the site, creating more engaging experiences. We featured the soul of the organization and best positioned it for maximum influence by moving them from being a dry, predictable political site to one that showed them to be a living, breathing organism.


The new BPC site is assertive and dignified, but also fun and approachable. We captured the essence of the organization’s mission with an innovative platform that is an integral part of shifting our nation’s political conversation towards collaboration and progress. All with a lightning-quick user experience that also significantly lowered hosting costs.

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