Cantilever has built a reputation as a dependable source for top-notch design thinking, practical strategy and smart engineering. We have designed and developed for Fortune 500 companies, universities, startups, publications, big ad agencies, the world’s leading type foundry, non-profits, restaurants, conferences, dentists, architects, artists, manufacturers, freelancers, family, and friends.

Our Services


From homepages to Twitter icons, we create clever design solutions for the web.

  • Traditional Web Design We create clean, beautiful sites that communicate effectively.
  • Interactive Design Our keen sense of user behavior helps us make users feel at home.
  • UI & App Design We envision and design usable, friendly applications for the browser. We use writing, sketching, wireframing and prototyping to keep our work logical and testable every step of the way.
  • Graphic Design We conceptualize and create smart icons and illustrations to use in our projects.


The best design work is founded on sound ideas. We help shape our clients’ strategies through reflection, research and testing.

  • Content Strategy We make sense of clients’ content, helping them discover what’s been created and what still needs to be.
  • Product Strategy & Concept Development We hone and refine our clients’ ideas into buildable, viable web products.


We create dependable, maintainable websites and apps.

  • Traditional Frontend Development We build modular, flexible code motivated by speed, maintainability and cross-browser performance.
  • Backbone.js Development With Backbone, we can build anything from a simple widget to a full app with minimal code and overhead.
  • Wordpress & ExpressionEngine Development We use these best-in-breed content management systems to power client sites when a custom CMS is not required.
  • Custom CMS Development We create dashboards and control panels for clients to manipulate their content.


  • Nikki Munson

    Executive Coordinator

  • Adrienne Travis


  • Ernesto Iser

    DevOps Specialist

  • Rebecca Testrake

    Studio Manager

  • JT Fridsma


  • Andrew Heins


  • Chris Pau

    Director of Operations

  • Ty Fujimura


(And many fantastic freelancers and collaborators)