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Making the web a better place through the art of Digital Hospitality.

We work with senior managers who feel under pressure because they spend a lot of time and money on websites, but they aren’t getting the results they need.

That’s because their sites aren’t designed with the user in mind. They aren’t the kind of places someone would want to come and stay.

We’re more than a technology company – we’re a hospitality company. We believe that websites are spaces that users enter, not billboards they see from a distance.

We help by overhauling those sites to meet users’ needs better, or by starting fresh with a new site built with our proven three-step process.

Founded in 2011, we’re headquartered in NYC with a distributed team spread across the US and Canada and have worked with clients like American Express, the IMF, Esquire Magazine, and IBM. We’re one of the smallest IBM-certified vendors.

Every day, tens of thousands of people visit the sites we’ve built, and we are passionate about providing a great experience for each and every person. We are obsessed with perfecting and popularizing the art of “Digital Hospitality.”

We Make the Internet, Better.

What makes our sites different?

  • Built from scratch

    Development shortcuts make a site slow and unreliable. Every aspect of a Cantilever site is put there for a reason, making our sites lean and streamlined.

  • Designed for the long-term

    We have an “object-oriented” philosophy to both design and development which makes our sites dramatically easier to modify and expand over time. Rebrand? New product? New department? No problem.

  • Meant for People

    We don’t set out to win design awards or use your project as an excuse try out the latest coding fad. We create sites to meet the client’s goals. We put ourselves in the minds of the user to craft an experience they love and to make it easy to take action.

  • Fast, in every way

    A slow site is an ineffective site, no matter how great the design. From the very beginning of our process, we keep performance top of mind. Different parts of a websites’s code require different approaches to performance. We know how to approach every aspect for optimum real and perceived speed.

What makes us different?

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