We designed a website and brand identity that reflects the groundbreaking nature of the organization.

About The Client

The interdisciplinary innovation laboratory at Northeastern University School of Law.


We were asked to create a website and brand identity for an organization that makes waves in legal education on several different fronts. They promote new ways of thinking and provide a space for law students and faculty to engage with the hardest challenges facing our legal system while also empowering the public to successfully engage with that system.


The concept of “Embrace the New” guided our thinking. A traditional website would not be able to communicate the many levels of education and change that the organization addresses. We first created a new visual brand identity that communicated innovation, the essence of their mission. We created a “Web Initiative” that spans the entire scope of the organization and all that it does. Each property has its own unique sub-brand within the overall system we created.


The home page contains project news and information about the lab with a non-traditional layout and a unique mapping application called NuLawMaps, a unique mapping/storytelling system. This allows for storytelling with a time slider that allows the Lab to illustrate legal triumphs and tragedies, from centuries ago to the present day.


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