We rebranded a company that is changing the way an industry delivers data and updated its web presence to tell that story to attract new customers.

About The Client

A company that provides real estate parcel data at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers using a technology-driven approach, used in real estate, the energy sector, telecommunications, and government.


The company needed to communicate their mission of changing the way that real estate data is delivered in a way that would speak to their potential customers. They wanted a rebrand as well as a new kind of web presence that would include an advanced online store and other user features.


We designed a brand that communicated that they are a company that looks at technology not as a way to ignore people but as a way to serve them better. We arrived at a brand identity that is techy, but not distant. We envisioned their brand voice as being the friendly robot, like Clippy, but not annoying. We created a site to clearly communicate the freshness of their approach, opting for an unorthodox side-by-side layout, populated with quirky animated SVG graphics and fun patterns based on map shapes. As is always the case, we worked well with their developers, ensuring that what we built worked both with their stack, and would integrate with their back end well.


A site that makes a statement: This is not your average big data company. ReportAll is driven by technology, but not defined by it.

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