American Express

We created a way for AMEX to stay on-brand while going from a stock corporate employee newsletter to an engaging interactive platform.

About The Client

A financial corporation that issues credit cards, processes payments, and provides travel-related services worldwide.


We were asked to transform a well-followed but traditional employee HR newsletter into an engaging interactive online platform. We were tasked with creating a digital space where the 800+ global HR employees could both interact and stay connected to each other and the company. All, of course, while staying on brand.


We created modules with a collage-like effect that imparted a sense of fun and improvisation with curated content including key calendar dates, job openings, and news feeds to create a unique mosaic on every visit. Users could share, like, and comment on the articles and add their own community posts. The system was private to HR employees, creating a safe space for discussion to begin.


The platform proved to be well utilized and happily expanded to include polls, video, and integration with an external RSS feed so that global AMEX news could also populate the feed. The client later asked us to duplicate the site as a conference hub which based on our think ahead approach, we could easily do. Our unique modular coding style gave us the ability, with ease, to build something for an initially unforeseen use.


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