Engineers often search for a highly specialized and technical product that needs to perform in environments where there is no room for error. We created a website with a user interface that fully understands and reflects the priorities of our client’s unique customers.

About The Client

One of the worldwide leaders in Hyperboloid connectors and contacts for use in the most demanding environments such as the military and aerospace industries.


IEH had been a business that was largely run by a print catalog, with a website that didn’t appropriately distinguish their product from their competitors or allow for ease of purchase. In making the leap to a web-based business, it was clear that they needed a site with a user interface that was based on the different ways that their customers, largely engineers, would actually be shopping for specific products. With approximately 250 different products, each with hundreds of variations, we needed to ensure a seamless user experience, making the needed product easy to locate and therefore easy to buy.


We approached this as we do all projects with a commitment to gaining a deep understanding of our client’s business. In this case, we needed to fully grasp the priorities that engineers bring to their product search and therefore, the way they would be searching/shopping. What makes the site particularly unique was our creating a unified database of all the products with an interface that allowed the user to easily filter and preview any product they were considering ordering. To be responsive to customer needs, this site is available in multiple languages.


Our work was able to dramatically simplify the searching/purchasing process which resulted in amazing growth in sales. The ease with which users could identify and locate the specific connector of the 250 with hundreds of variations they were looking for, set the company apart from its competitors. In addition, our understanding of the business and the needs of its customers allowed us to identify the need for and create a modular system to build your own connector. We created a visualizer and product builder tool. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, many companies have attempted to imitate the types of product system we created for IEH.

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