Mako Fujimura

We created a site with the feel of a space in which visitors enter to experience the work of one of the 21st Century’s most unique artists.

About The Client

Makoto Fujimura is an American artist. He is considered to be one of the leading figures of the "slow art" movement. He has coined the terms "Culture Care" and "Theology of Making".


We needed to create a website that would have the feel of a place visitors could enter to experience the artist’s work as if being in a museum or gallery vs. viewing a painting on the internet. The space needed to reflect the artist’s minimalist sensibilities, the influence of Japanese art, and the story of how he creates his work. In addition, the site was intended to feature the broad range of Mako’s work including his extensive catalog of writings.


We built a site that included the process of parallax scrolling, allowing us to create an immersive experience for visitors, achieving a sense of being in a space vs. viewing something on a flat surface. We used visual timeline cues that showed the artist’s process so that visitors could also experience how his work grows and changes over time. All with design details that reflected the artist’s sensibilities creating the appropriate frames for needed information.


A website that achieves the sense of visiting a gallery or museum and being surrounded by the work itself, experiencing the story of the artist’s process, and seeing the evolution of the work over time. Visitors can also choose to visit “Writings” to experience another aspect of the artist’s expression.

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