The Chronicles of Now

We created a site for Chronicles of Now, a digital venue that uses fiction to offer a new way of understanding the headlines, stories, and people influencing the world around us.

About The Client

The Chronicles of Now uses fiction to offer a new way of understanding the headlines, stories, and people shaping our world.


Creating a site that effectively communicated the heart of this unique endeavor: A space in which to reflect upon real news events through fictional reflections, using art as a lens through which to better understand reality. The site needed to have the seriousness of a news feed while not masquerading as a news outlet.


We created a design where this new idea – something of a hybrid way of understanding news stories –  could live.  We positioned the fictional story at the center of the “page”, with newspaper-like columns surrounding it. Each story’s header had a directional page turn, taking readers to the original story in the media outlet in which it appeared.

The left column contained the author’s fictional summary of the event, along with a New Yorker-style drawing as an illustration of the theme. The right column featured a host of additional factual information about the subject. Each package concluded with a curated list of long-form journalism, podcasts, and videos on the subject for those who wanted to dig deeper.


Through our design we created a literal and figurative balance for the reader between the fictional account of the story and the actual account from the news source. Part of the project’s purpose was to move away from a tweet-sized understanding of news and a surface-level rapid-fire informational barrage. We built a site that could fully engage visitors in a subject with the kind of depth that Chronicles of Now proposes is uniquely available by viewing something from a variety of perspectives.

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