Northeastern University: NuLawLab Web Initiative

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Client Northeastern University
Team Nevan Scott, Payton Biddington, Ty Fujimura
Roles Concept, Design, Interactive Design

NuLawLab, an initiative of the law school at Northeastern University, is an innovator in legal justice. They envision and implement unique programs that empower the public to engage successfully with the legal system. Simultaneously, they seek to make waves in legal education by promoting new ways of thinking in the profession.

Their site needed to convey their unique, innovative character, but we did not want to stop there. We designed a “Web Initiative” – not a website – which spans several individual web properties. The first wave is their organization homepage, which features project news and information about the lab, along with a unique mapping application called NuLawMaps.

NuLawMaps allows for multi-axis storytelling by enabling a time axis on a traditional map. The maps support multiple “entities” scattered around a certain area at a certain moment in time, but also feature a slider so users can see how those “entities” moved and changed over time. This application allows the Lab to illustrate legal triumphs and tragedies, from centuries ago to the present day.

Soon to follow are NuLawReview, a digitally-native take on the scholarly legal journal, and NuLawHub, a meeting place for lawyers, activists, and the public to discuss topics around legal justice.

With this focus on separate initiatives instead of the lab’s website itself, we hoped to create ambient awareness of the lab in the Legal Justice community.

The sites were developed by our friends at Vector Media Group.