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ReportAll Website and Branding
A quirky look for a disruptor in real estate data

We created an upstart brand identity and website for ReportAll to help them fulfill their mission of upending the way that real estate data is delivered.

ReportAll provides real estate parcel data at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers using a technology-driven approach. Their data contains the property lines and metadata for more than 145 million parcels across the country, and is used in real estate, the energy sector, telecommunications, and government.

For lack of a better term, ReportAll is disrupting their industry, providing great data at a sensible price with 24/7 access to their database through their online portal and their popular mobile app, Landglide. They brought us in to rebrand the company and overhaul their web presence, including an advanced online store and user features.

The ReportAll website displaying a map with filters

We began with a two-day discovery workshop in which we uncovered what the ReportAll brand is all about. On the face of it, their brand should be corporate, cool, and robotic. But through research and discovery, we found much more.

Our clients at ReportAll strategizing during the discovery workshop we ran for them
Our clients at ReportAll strategizing during the discovery workshop we ran for them

ReportAll are a startup (5 people at the time) going up against companies with thousands of employees. They’re pragmatic, building their team and offerings steadily rather than trying to blow up. And they’re friendly, not distant. They look at technology not as a way to ignore people but as a way to serve them better.

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We arrived at a new brand that is techy, but not distant. We envisioned their brand voice as being “the friendly robot” – like Clippy, but not annoying.

The ReportAll logo

We then designed the new site, collaborating with copywriter Robert Kramer to create a resonant message and flow. To clearly communicate the freshness of their approach, we opted for an unorthodox side-by-side layout, populated with quirky animated SVG graphics and fun patterns based on map shapes. For the logotype and titling we used Karbon, a quirky but technical sans-serif that fit perfectly with their new brand identity.

The result is a site that makes a statement: This is not your average big data company. ReportAll is driven by technology, but not defined by it.

The ReportAll website single page showing data for Cuyahoga County, Ohio
The ReportAll website about page
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Cute animated graphics tell the story of ReportAll
Client: ReportAll
  • Chris Pau
  • Andrew Heins
  • Ty Fujimura
  • Andrei Scarlatescu
Year launched: 2015
  • UX
  • Design
  • Development
  • Branding
  • Animated SVG
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