We updated a well-known and reliable brand in a way that allowed existing users to keep their comfort level and engaged new users with a modern, streamlined purchasing experience.

About The Client

For more than 145 years, providing durable floor and surface covers to protect gymnasiums and athletic fields.


Coversports, an eCommerce site wanted to elevate/update its brand and provide a better user experience to attract and retain customers. Their previous site didn’t convey the quality of their product or present it in a contemporary context. They also needed upgrades to streamline their checkout experience, including accuracy of shipping costs, a way to make more products available for purchase directly through the site, and provide more sales opportunities via request a quote functions for products that could not be purchased directly.


We retained the best of who they were while upgrading the look, feel, and functionality of their site. We upgraded the experience for customers who chose to request a quote on customized items with an option on every page that allows them to enter pertinent details that all get delivered for follow-up by Coversports staff. This created the ever-important meaningful first sales contact between staff and customers.


A modern site that tells the company story in a way that incorporates the best of their history of quality products and great customer service. We streamlined the request a quote process to generate more leads and do so in a way that also allows for a personalized sales call based on the information provided.


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