We created an eCommerce site for a B to B offering that gained enough traction to successfully launch a product spin-off in the B to C world.

About The Client

A company that facilitates file storage and sharing, flexible working practices and efficient collaboration for businesses and consumers.


RushFiles was changing its sales model from exclusively engaging telecom partners as product distributors to adding a direct business-to-business component. They needed an eCommerce site that could address both strategies.


We created a B to B eCommerce component for the site and the offering was so successful that RushFiles decided that it should exist as its own site.  We separated the offerings and created a stand-alone eCommerce site. 


Our Solution Created a New Challenge

Over time, because of the level of engagement on the site, the client wanted to test a business-to-consumer model of a similar product. We worked with them to further understand and define the new B to C product.  The product offered such a superior user experience in the sector that the response was such that they wanted to pursue further product development and a new sales strategy. They needed product development assistance, a site for the new product, and an engagement strategy.


Solution 2

We helped think through and design the new product’s features, streamlining it so that it even further outpaced its competitors in its ease of use and we created a site that made a purchase completely seamless. The client now interacts directly with customers, allowing them to gather information and use it to continuously upgrade their products and customer purchasing experiences.


We created a way to go from interest to purchase in 2 clicks. We implemented best practices for web accessibility on the site. Our initial “Challenge” resulted in not only a new B to B eCommerce site but a new B to C offering and exponential growth of RushFiles.

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